Shark Steam Mop


Shark Steam Mop
I'm going to start out right away by saying don't be wooed by the infomercials you've seen on television. The  Shark Steam Mop is one of the poorest quality steam mops on the market.

If you have your heart set on a Shark Steam Mop, let me encourage you right now to spend the $20 - $30 more and get their much better designed (and more highly rated by consumers) deluxe steam mop, the Shark Pocket Steam Mop or consider another steam mop.


A couple steam mops that are better than the Shark Steam Mop:

Haan Slim and Light
Eureka Enviro Steamer 

Features of the Shark Steam Mop

  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Lightweight...only weighs about 3 lbs.
  • Comes with two machine washable mop pads
  • Mop pads are made of triple-action microfiber
  • 20 foot cord
  • Soft gripe handle that is ergonomically designed


Pros of the Shark Steam Mop

It took some digging, but I came up with a few pros for the Shark Steam Mop:

  • 12 Inch cleaning path.  This is a good size but alas, most of the popular steam mops have a cleaning path this size so nothing to get too excited about.
  • Heats up fast.  This is a good thing right? No one likes to stand around all day waiting for the steam mop to heat up so they can clean house. But if you read on you will find out that the mop may heat up quickly due to the fact that it doesn't really get very hot!
  • Price.  The Shark Steam Mop is moderately priced but then is it really worth saving $20 to buy a product that has a history of breaking? How much are you saving in the long run? I recommend spending a little more and getting a steam mop with a better track record.



Cons of the Shark Steam Mop

Oh, where to start? The cons of the Shark Steam Mop certainly outnumber the pros. Here's some of the highlights:

  • Doesn't get hot enough to kill germs.  In fact, many customers who reviewed the Shark said that the mop barely seemed to get hot at all. One commented that it didn't seem any hotter than tap water.
  • Very poorly designed.  This seems to be the biggest problem with the Shark Steam Mop. Lots of complaints of the mop feeling flimsy and many, many complaints from consumers of the handle breaking some instances during the first use! The Shark handle is such a problem that the company actually sells replacement kits.
  • Small Tank.  The Shark Steam Mop has one of the smallest water tanks of any of the steam mops on the market. It is up to half the size of many other popular steam mops. At only 10 ounces capacity, you can expect to be refilling it frequently!
  • Only one steam hole.  While most steam mops have many steam holes, the Shark only has one hole spraying steam.
  • Have to push the mop or pump the handle to make steam come out.  Most steam mops automatically disperse the steam when the mop is turned on. This one makes you work for it.
  • Mop pad takes a while to get damp.  Many consumers complained that the Shark Steam Mop's pad takes a long time to get damp. This could have something to do with the one steam hole and the fact the mop has to be in motion to disperse steam. At any rate, it is another issue with this mop.
  • Streaking.  Lots of complaints of streaking on laminate and hardwood floors. One person that complained of streaking did say that the mop cleaned tile good though.
  • Short handle.  Not only is the Shark Steam Mop's handle flimsy, it is also short. At a 40 inch height, this is one of the shortest steam mops. And unlike many other steam mops, it doesn't have an adjustable handle. If you are above average height, expect to be bending over to use this mop!
  • Mop head doesn't pivot.  Lots of steam mops have heads that pivot 180 or 360 degrees. The Shark doesn't. This makes it harder to get around furniture, toilets, and under cabinets.



Reviews of the Shark Steam Mop – What Customers Say

Over a quarter of the Shark Steam Mop reviews at are only 1 star. If that's not a red flag to stay away from this product, I don't know what is!

Here are some highlights of what customers are saying about the Shark:

"It was very hard to push on my hard wood floors - it took forever to clean one room. It didn't pick up even the easiest spots on the floor on the first or second pass. It did OK on my tile floors, but the grout was left untouched. It is flimsy in design too"

"This mop is not going to be a magic wand, but it is better than most products. Okay, here are some ways that it could be improved: The handle is a bit flimsy. Also, if the mop itself would pivot, that would be a big plus."

"this one was like pushing a damp cloth around on the floor - sure, it picked up some dirt, but got the floor nowhere near clean"

"I've tried it twice and it has left my composite tiles (kitchen) and laminate floor (dining room) a dull streaky mess. I also agree that it's hard to push and has a flimsy handle that I think would be too short for people much taller than 5'7"."

Read more Shark Steam Mop Reviews at




Better Options than the Shark Steam Mop


  • Eureka Enviro Steamer - A great steam mop without a lot of bells and whistles. Affordably priced and has tons of highly rated customer reviews!
  • Shark Pocket Steam Mop – If you are set on owning a Shark, this is really the one you should consider. The extra $20-$30 you will spend will most assuredly save you a lot of headaches in the future!
  • Haan Steam Mop - Haan makes a very popular steam mop that has some extra features you might love. The deluxe santizing tray attachment can be used to kill bacteria, germs and dust mites on mattresses, drapes, rugs, and more.
  • Monster Steam Mop - Known for it's really hot steam. Also has an attachment for use on carpets and rugs.


Finding the Best Price on the Shark Steam Mop


If you decide to go ahead and purchase the original Shark Steam Mop after all, I recommend checking out for the best deal. At the time of me writing this, the offered it at 40% off suggested retail plus you get Free Shipping and don't have to pay sales tax.


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