Steam Mop Comparison:
Shark Steam Mop vs Haan Steam Mop

Haan Steam Mop
Shark Steam Mop
For our first steam mop showdown, we have the ever popular Shark Steam Mop and the up and coming Haan Steam Mop to compare.  Let's take a look at the features, price, build, and reviews of each to decide which is the best steam mop.



The Haan is the clear winner here.  While the Shark Steam Mop reviews are full of complaints from customers who had problems with the handle of their Shark snapping off, the Haan Steam Mop had relatively few complaints about it's design. 

More importantly, Haan seems to have excellent customer service and really stands behind their product, often replacing mops at no cost if customers have issues.  On the other hand, I have seen many complaints about Shark's customer service and it appears that at best, if your handle breaks you can expect them to offer to sell you a replacement kit.


Water Tank

Both the Haan Steam Mop and the Shark have relatively small water tanks.  Shark's is about 10 ounces while the Haan's is just under 12 ounces.  This means you might get 10-15 minutes of steam time from them at best.  Steam mops with bigger water tanks like the Monster Steam Mop and the Eureka Enviro Steamer can give you about 20 minutes.



The Haan definitely outperforms the Shark.  In many, many ways.  All you need to do is spend five minutes reading Shark customer reviews and then spend five minutes reading Haan customer reviews and this will become very apparent.

One of the biggest ways it manages to do this is by having a much hotter temperature.  The Haan Steam Mop heats water to 212 degrees while the Shark only gets it to 110 degrees.  The Shark may clean floors but it doesn't get hot enough to sanitize them like the Haan does.

The Haan also comes with a deluxe sanitizing tray that you can sanitize carpets, rugs, and mattresses with.  It also works on bedding, drapes, upholestry, and other surfaces.   This makes it more versatile than the Shark Steam Mop.

The Shark Steam Mop only has one hole to emit steam from.  The Haan Steam Mop has 15 steam jets.  This makes it a much more productive mop, performance-wise. 



You can expect to pay about $20 more for the Haan Steam Mop than the Shark Steam Mop costs.  But again, the Shark can only be used on bare floor surfaces and the Haan is capable of cleaning and sanitizing carpets and lots of other surfaces with the deluxe sanitizing tray attachment.


Mop Pads

Each steam mop, the Haan and the Shark, each comes with two microfiber mop pads.  They are machine washable and therefore reusable.



Both steam mops had reasonable sized power cords.  Shark's is 20 feet and Haan's is 19 feet 8 inches.  This is pretty standard lengths for steam mop cords.


Summing It Up: Shark Steam Mop vs Haan Steam Mop - Which is the Best Steam Mop?

In some steam mop comparisons it is hard to come up with the clear winner but in this case, there is no contest.  The Haan Steam Mop beats the Shark Steam Mop in design, performance, consumer reviews, and just about every other way possible. 

Not only does Haan build a product that works as it is advertised to, if for some reason it should break (which seems rare) they have a history of giving good customer service.  The same can't be said for Shark.  I read more complaints about their poor customer service than I can count.  And should your mop break, they will require you to pay shipping (both ways) to have it replaced. 

Save yourself the hassle.  Skip the Shark and buy yourself the Haan Steam Mop.