Monster Steam Mop

The Monster Steam Mop has some interesting things going for it. It is one of the hottest steam mops on the market, at 266 degrees. It has 2 steam directions...steam comes from the bottom and front. No other steam mop does this and it makes it easier to clean and sanitize corners and baseboards. A nice feature. But no steam mop is unflawed so read on to find out more about the pros and cons of the Monster Steam Mop.

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Features of the Monster Steam Mop

  • 4 Steam Levels
  • 25 Foot Cord
  • 17 ounce water tank
  • Carpet Glide attachment for rugs, carpets, and other surfaces
  • 2 steam direction - steam comes out front and bottom of the mop



Pros of the Monster Steam Mop

Gets very hot! One of the hottest steam mops on the market, the Monster Steam Mop  heats to 266 degrees. 212 degrees is hot enough to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites, so the Monster really gets the job done. If your main reason for wanting a steam mop is the sanitizing benefits, the Monster is probably the mop for you.

4 Steam Levels. Another feature the Monster Steam Mop offers that other steam mops don't is the adjustable steam levels. You can adjust the steam level to accommodate the type of flooring you are cleaning.

Long cord. At 25 feet, the Monster Steam Mop has one of the longest cords. Most steam mop cords are 19 - 20 feet. The longer cord is handy if you have larger areas to mop.

Carpet glide attachment. The Monster Steam Mop, like the Haan Slim and Light, also comes with a carpet attachment that can be used to sanitize carpets, rugs, mattresses, and other surfaces.

Monster Steam Mop

The steam on the Monster Steam Mop comes from the bottom and the front.  This is a feature unique to this mop.  With the front steam option, it is possible to clean baseboards. 


Cons of the Monster Steam Mop

Flimsy Handle. Some reviewers reported the handle seemed flimsy and a few reported it broke after using the mop for a while.

Heavier than most other steam mops. At about 9 lbs., the Monster Steam Mop is heavier than most other popular steam mops on the market. That means it might be a little more cumbersome to push than other models...most of which are only 3 - 5 lbs.

High profile mop head.  The Monster Steam Mop has a high profile mop head so it might not fit under some low spots such as cabinets. It does however have front steam jets, something that other steam mops don't offer, so it can clean baseboards and corners.


Monster Steam Mop Reviews - What Customers Say

The Monster Steam Mop actually has a lot of great features and many customers were very happy with it but a few did have complaints.  Several people that had there Monster Steam Mop break found it hard to get any sort of customer service assistance from Euroflex, the maker of the Monster Steam Mop.

The Monster Steam Mop comes with a 1 year warranty and several reviewers had their mop break just after the one year mark so they were out of luck. If you are looking for a manufacturer that backs up their product, Haan seems to be the best for this. Customers gave glowing reviews about Haan's customer service.

Overall though, many of the Monster Steam Mop reviews were positive and people were happy with the performance of the product. Although the Monster Steam Mop is one of the most expensive steam mops on the market, it does have a lot of unique features. Whether the extra price tag is worth it or not is something you will have to decide for yourself.

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A Couple Steam Mops that are Better Options than the Monster Steam Mop

Haan Slim and Light - Lightweight and easy to use.  The Haan Slim and Light has a sleek well built design and it's carpet glide attachment for sanitizing carpets, rugs, and other surfaces is an added bonus.  It's low profile mop head and pads that velcro on make it a breeze to use.

Eureka Enviro Steamer - An affordable option.  The Eureka Enviro Steamer is one of the most highly reviewed steam mops for reason.


Finding a Good Deal on the Monster Steam Mop

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