Buying a Steam Mop Cut My Mopping Time by About 50%

The benefits of a steam mop are obvious.  Besides saving you time and being easier to use, they also do a much more efficient job of cleaning floors by killing germs and bacteria without chemicals.  Choosing the best steam mop is where the real challenge lies.   


Which Steam Mop is Best?

With so many options to choose from these days (and plenty of duds on the market) it can be hard to make a purchasing decision.  If you are looking for a steam mop that has lots of features that make using it easy and that will give great results, you will want to consider the HAAN SI-60 Steam Mop.


This is the best steam mop you can buy today. Take a look at why we think so:

Adjustable Steam Levels – The Haan SI 60 offers something extremely rare in today's steam mops....adjustable steam levels. With this feature, you can adjust the steam output of the mop to the needs and type of floor you are mopping.

Removable Water Tank – While some steam mops have built in water tanks, the Haan SI 60 offers a removable water tank. This allows for easier filling.

Carpet Attachment – Haan is known for including it's carpet glide attachment with it's steam mops and this applies to the SI 60 model as well. With the carpet glide attachment you are able to freshen up rugs and carpeting, but even more importantly, you can sanitize them....killing dust mites which are known to cause allergy problems in many people. 

Quick Heat Up Time – Many steam mops require an average of three to five minutes to heat up. The Haan SI 60 Multi-level Steamer is ready to use in just 20 seconds.

Hot Enough to Sanitize – This is very important. Contrary to popular beliefs, not all steam mops are hot enough to sanitize floors. If killing the germs and bacteria on your floors is just as important to you as cleaning them, you need a mop that heats to at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit. All of the Haan Steam Mops do this including the SI 60 model. 

Swivel Head – A steam mop with a mop head that doesn't swivel can make it challenging to manuever the mop into corners, under furniture, and around toilets and other tight locations in your home. The Haan SI 60 has a swivel head.

Long Power Cord – A common complaint with many steam mops is that the power cord isn't long enough.  The Haan SI-60 has a generous 25 foot long power cord.

15 Steam Jets - Some steam mops only have one steam hole to emit steam from.  This doesn't do a very efficient job.  The Haan steam mops, including the SI-60, are designed with 15 steam jets which means you will get even steam distribution while cleaning your floors.


Is the Haan SI-60 Steam Mop Completely Perfect?

No, no steam mop is completely perfect.  But it comes pretty close.  The only real negatives I could find about this steam mop is the water tank is a little on the small side and it is priced a little higher than some steam mops on the market.  But taking into consideration all the features it offers, including the ability to use it on carpets, it is priced quite appropriately.

If you want a well made, lightweight, and easy to use steam mop that is designed with the user's experience in mind, the Haan SI-60 is a great steam mop to own.

You can read my official review of the Haan SI-60 here or click here to check it's price and get free shipping on it at!



Wondering How Other Steam Mops Measure Up?

This site has extensively researched steam mop reviews of all of the most popular steam mops available today.

See how they measure up based on features, pros, cons, and price and then use our reviews and comparisons to find the best steam mop for your personal needs.


Why isn't the Shark Steam Mop on My Best Steam Mop Picks?

Some of you may be wondering why the Shark Steam Mop didn't make my best steam mop picks list. That's because the Shark Steam Mop has a lot of mixed reviews. While some people are really happy with it, many others have had problems with it. It is prone to problems (handle breakage, steam stops working, etc.). Plus it doesn't get hot enough to sanitize floors so there are just so many better options you could pick when buying a steam mop. For more on the Shark, view my Shark Steam Mop common complaints page.



Steam Mop Vacuum Options – Are They Any Good?

The latest trend manufacturer's of steam mops are coming out with is to attach a vacuum or sweeper option to steam mops. Shark, Haan, and Bissell are just a few of the steam mop makers who are now producing one or more models of a steam mop vacuum.

So are these a good option? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these and what consumers who have used them have to say about them.

Pricier – One thing that should be noted is that the steam mop vacuum combos are pricier than just a steam mop. But you are getting a cleaning tool that serves to purposes so this is to be expected.

Mixed Reviews – The consumer reviews I am reading on these newer steam mop models are very mixed. Some people love them and some are just not impressed with the results they produce. Of course, feedback varied from model to model too.

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