Haan Steam Mop

Haan Steam Mop 

People who have previously used the Shark will be amazed by the Haan Steam Mop. The Haan is everything that the Shark is not.

The Haan Steam Mop is not only better designed, it also performs better even getting hot enough (at 212 degrees F) to actually sanitize the floors, not just clean them.

It easily beats it's infomercial competitor in just about every way possible. Let's examine why it's superior.

Haan Steam Mop Features

  • Heats up in 3 minutes
  • 2 multilayer microfiber pads
  • Lightweight - weighs 3 lbs.
  • 15 Steam Jets
  • Gets hot - 212 degrees F
  • Filling cup
  • Resting Mat
  • Sanitizing Tray - for carpets, rugs, mattresses, etc
  • 19 foot 8 inch power cord
  • Adjustable handle


Haan Steam Mop Pros

Lightweight and Easy to Use. At just 3 lbs, the Haan Steam Mop is very light and easy to push. Plus, the fact that you don't have to push a trigger to generate steam (like the Shark and Bissell require) makes it very easy to use.

Mop pads.  The Haan's mop pads are some of the best on the market. They are thick and well made. Plus, they velcro on the steam mop which makes putting them on and taking them off incredibly easy to do. You get two with your purchase but you can purchase more if you require them. They are machine washable but it is best to let them air dry.

15 Steam Jets.  The Haan Steam mop features an impressive 15 steam jets. Shark, by comparison, only has one.

Sanitizing Tray.  The sanitizing tray offered with the Haan is a wonderful accessory. Just attach it to the unit and you can clean and sanitize rugs, carpets, mattresses, upholestry, drapes, and more. Some even reported that they were able to get spots out of their carpet using the sanitizing tray attachment.

Gets Hot!  There are quite a few steam mops on the market that don't get hot enough to actually sanitize floors, the Shark Steam Mop being one of them. The Haan Steam Mop heats up to 212 degrees F which is hot enough to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites.


*Tip: If you are going to be using the Haan Steam Mop to sanitize mattresses, countertops, and other surfaces, you will want to consider purchasing the Short Handle Attachment. For $12, it will make these tasks much easier.


Haan Steam Mop Cons

Water Tank.  The water tank on the Haan Steam Mop is on the small side. It only holds about 12 ounces of water so you may have to refill more frequently than other steam mops like the Eureka Enviro Steamer and the Monster Steam Mop.

Doesn't Swivel.  Many steam mops have mop heads that can swivel, the Haan doesn't have this ability. This makes it a little more challenging to get the mop into tighter spots, like around toilets, while cleaning.

3 Minute Heat Up Time.  The 3 Minute heat up time is a bit slow but than again the Haan does get hotter than a lot of the other steam mops which might account for why it takes longer to heat up. That and it's only 800 watts. Some may find the longer heat up time annoying, especially with a smaller water tank that may require more frequent refills.

Mop head is bulky.  The water tank of the Haan Steam Mop is located in the base in the mop head. This makes the mop head high profile and harder to get under cabinets and furniture. If you want a low profile mop head, check out the highly rated Haan Slim and Light. It has most of the same benefits of the regular Haan Steam Mop but has a slimmer design and it's water tank is located in the handle/body area of the mop. It does however cost a little more.


Haan Steam Mop Reviews - What Customers Say

The Haan Steam Mop has lots of positive reviews. Many customers are happy with the steam mops design and performance. They also love the sanitizing tray attachment.

Common complaints I saw had to do with the water tank being on the small side and the cord being shorter than some might like. I also saw a few complaints from consumers who felt the handle felt flimsy and a couple remarks from consumers who actually had theirs break off. This seems rare though and Haan has exceptional customer service, unlike Shark, and sent these customers a replacement part at no cost.


Final Thoughts

The Haan Steam Mop is a strong steam mop with some minor design flaws. Remember, no steam mop is made completely perfect. It is reasonably priced, especially for the features it offers. The ability to sanitize not only floors but also carpets, bedding, countertops, and more makes this steam mop worth more than they charge for it in my opinion.

I also like that fact that Haan seems to stand behind their products and it appears that should you have an issue arise with you steam mop, you should have no trouble getting help fixing the problem.


Finding the Best Price on the Haan Steam Mop

As always, Amazon.com offers a low price on the Haan Steam Mop as well as free shipping on it. They also offer extra mop pads and the short handle attachment should you want to purchase those as well.



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