Bissell Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop

The Bissell Steam Mop certainly ranks up there with the Shark Steam Mop in popularity.  But when it came to customer reviews of the Bissell Steam Mop, it certainly faired a lot better than Shark. 

Let's take a look at the features, pros and cons, and reviews of the Bissell Steam Mop.


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Features of the Bissell Steam Mop

  • 360 degree swivel head
  • Changable water filter, indicator light for filter replacement
  • Quick release cord wrap
  • 9 inch cleaning path
  • Two washable microfiber pads
  • Easy carry handle
  • Lightweight, weighs less than seven pounds


Pros of the Bissell Steam Mop

Low profile mop head.  A low profile mop head is a wonderful feature in a steam mop because it makes it easier to get under cabinets and furniture.

Mop head swivels.  The mop head of the Bissell Steam Mop swivels 360 degrees. This makes mopping around toilets, furniture and other objects easier.

Heats up quickly.  The Bissell Steam Mop is reported to heat up in under a minute.

Removable water tank.  The water tank removes from the unit which makes it easier to refilll.

Mop head pads attach easily.  This is nice because with some steam mops, it is a hassle to get the mop pads on and off. With the Bissell Steam Mop, they have elastic and easily slide on and off of the mop head (see demonstration in the video below).


Cons of the Bissell Steam Mop

Water filter means additional cost. The Bissell Steam Mop uses a water filter to filter out dirt and minerals from the water you put in the machine. This will mean an additional cost every 2-3 months when the filter needs replacing.

Trigger steam release. Many steam mops automatically emit steam when plugged in. The Bissell Steam Mop requires you to press a trigger on the handle in order for the mop to steam. Some customers find this feature to be annoying.

Short cord.  The Bissell Steam Mop has a cord around 18 feet long which is shorter than many other steam mops including the Shark, Eureka, and Haan. This isn't a huge issue but some people found it to be an annoyance since you will have to change electrical outlets more often.

Doesn't get hot enough to sanitize floors.  This may surprise many of you. When you think of a steam mop, you think of a mop that will not only clean your floors but also kill the germs, bacteria, and dust mites on them as well. The Bissell Steam Mop is said to only heat water to 125 degrees. Not the 212 degrees needed to sanitize. So while the Bissell does do a good job of cleaning floors, if you want your floors sanitized you will want to consider one of our picks for best steam mop.

Water tank is small.  At only about 12 ounces, many customers found the water tank of the Bissell Steam Mop to be just too small. A small water tank means more pauses in your mopping while you refill and wait for the steam mop to heat back up. The Monster Steam, Haan Steam Mop, and the Eureka Enviro Steamer all had bigger water tanks.


Reviews of the Bissell Steam Mop - What Customers are Saying

A lot of consumers are happy with their Bissell Steam Mop. In fact, 75% of the reviews at are 4 and 5 stars. But I did see a lot of reoccuring complaints. Among them, several complaints from customers of their mops breaking:

"After 2 years and roughly 14 uses, our steam cleaner is no longer working. Steam is building up inside the machine and venting out the side. Contacted Bissell customer service for help and was given 3 options; take the head off to see if there is a clog (fix yourself), bring it to a authorized Bissell service agent and have them fix it under warranty or, if out of warranty, deal with it and buy a new one "

"I almost feel bad about giving this product a 3 star because it does do a good job at keeping the floors clean when you have a dog and 2 toddlers. However I have owned two now and the first one lasted 5 months and the second one lasted 13 months." 


You can read a lot more reviews of the Bissell Steam Mop at


See the Bissell Steam Mop in Action


Better Options than the Bissell Steam Mop

While there is plenty to like about the Bissell Steam Mop, there are also some big problems with it as well. The biggest being that it just doesn't get hot enough to sanitize your floors. If you are going to invest the money in a steam mop, don't you want it to clean and sanitize? Here are some steam mops that are a better alternative to the Bissell Steam Mop:

Eureka Enviro Steamer

Haan Slim & Light Steam Mop

Shark Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop

Monster Steam Mop


Finding the Best Price on the Bissell Steam Mop

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