Shark Steam Mop - Is it Really a Guppy?

Shark Steam Mop
While reading through Shark Steam Mop reviews, one review in particular caught my eye.  While the review itself wasn't very long, the title the reviewer gave her review was rather clever and summed up how so many feel about the Shark Steam Mop.  She titled her review "Shark is a guppy".

While the informercials on television make the Shark Steam Mop look like the be all and end all of steam mops, reading customer reviews at major retailer sites like Amazon and Walmart paints a much different picture of this product.

Reviews of the Shark Steam Mop quickly reveal several things.  One is that this steam mop has a poorly made.  It's flimsy plastic design means that many consumers often find themself with broken handle within a very short time. 

And if you are lucky enough not to have your handle break, then you might be one of the many people who just experiences your steam mop completely stop working.  I've seen reviews where people have owned two or three Shark Steam Mops and they stated that each stopped working in less than a year.  Why someone would keep throwing money at an obviously poorly designed product is beyond me but it illustrates that there is a very serious problem with the life expectancy of the Shark Steam Mop.

The durability of the Shark isn't the only problem with it.  It also has design flaws that leads to a poorer cleaning experience than other steam mops.  First, many have found this mop to only heat up to about 110 degrees.  Not nearly hot enough to sanitize floors.  212 degrees is required to kill germs and bacteria.  The Haan FS20 Steam Mop, Monster Steam Mop, Haan Slim and Light, and Eureka Enviro Steamer are all hot enough to sanitize floors.

Another design flaw is that the Shark Steam Mop only has one steam hole.  This is located in the middle of the mop and many consumers complained that they didn't feel that the Shark cleaned edges well since the hole is located in the middle.   By comparison, Haan has 15 steam holes in it's steam mops, the Haan Slim and Light and the Haan FS20 Steam Mop.

With so much wrong with it, the Shark Steam Mop truly isn't the best steam mop out there.  I recommend the Haan Slim and Light, Eureka Enviro Steamer, or Monster Steam Mop.  They are all better designed, have higher consumer ratings, and perform better than the Shark Steam Mop does.

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