Tips for Researching and Buying a Steam Mop


1. Don't rely on the manufacturer's websites for unbiased steam mop reviews I have noticed that the manufacturer's websites only display positive reviews about their products.  They appear to filter out any reviews with customer complaints.  For a more unbiased view of the product, read reviews at sites like and  You can usually find dozens, if not hundreds of reviews on each steam mop and it will give you a more complete picture of each mop's build, performance, and life span.


2. Do rely on manufacturer's websites for product specifications.  While the product's website might not be the best place to read reviews of it, it is the most accurate place to get product specifications.  You can find out things like cord length, water tank size, temperature, and more.


3. Know your options before making a decision.  There are a lot of steam mops to choose from.  The features they offer can vary greatly.  So can their price tags.  Knowing what options are available to you and knowing which of these options are important to you, will help you narrow down your search to the steam mops that best fit your needs and wants.


4. Don't buy from the manufacturer's website.  It often costs $20-$30 or more to buy the steam mop directly from the manufacturer's website.  You will also often have to pay shipping as well.  Buy from which usually offers discounted prices on steam mops and usually ships it free to your house or from which also has good prices and allows you to ship to the nearest store and pick it up for free.  

Note: Amazon carries about 2-3 times as many steam mops as Walmart so that might be a better place to start your search if you want a larger selection to choose from.


5. Trust other consumers.  If a steam mop has a lot of negative reviews, you should really trust what other consumers are saying.  Often times you will see a pattern....consumers complaining about the same things over and over again in reviews.  If this happens, it is pretty safe to assume that there is a definite problem with this mop.  In some cases, it might be minor and something you can live a small water tank or short power cord.  But I recommend staying away from the steam mops that have reviews of short life spans, handle breaking, leaking water tanks, and other major problems like that.


A few more things to know about steam mops:

1. Not all steam mops get hot enought to sanitize.  A few good ones that do are the Haan Slim and Light, Eureka Enviro Steamer, Haan Steam Mop, and Monster Steam Mop.

2. Some steam mops have carpet attachments.  If you have rugs and carpets in your home, you might want to consider these models if you are interested in sanitizing and cleaning them.  If you are interested in a carpet attachment, check out the Haan Slim and Light, Haan Steam Mop, Dirt Devil Steam Mop, and Monster Steam Mop.

3. If you have a lot rooms to steam mop in your home, you may want to look at the steam mops with bigger water tanks.  If not, you will find yourself constantly stopping to refill and then waiting for the mop to heat back up.  This can really increase the time it takes to finish mopping your home.  The Eureka Enviro Steamer and Monster Steam Mop both have pretty big tanks.  The Haan Slim and Light has a decent sized one as well, though not quite as big as the other two.


A Few Top Rated Steam Mops to Start Your Search With

Haan Slim and Light - My personal favorite.  It has a slim, lightweight design and is easy to use.  The water tank is located in the handle which I think makes it easier to push.  The water tank removes for easy filling and the mop pads are thick and have velcro so they are almost effortless to put on.  The mop also has a carpet attachment.


Eureka Enviro Steamer - Another great choice.  It is very affordable and does a nice job.  It has an adjustable handle and comes with a cup and funnel for easy filling.  The flaws with this one are minor.  The pads shrink a little when washed but not enough to become unusuable and the mop has a higher profile than some because the water tank is located at the base.


Monster Steam Mop - The Monster Steam Mop gets super hot.  It has one of the hottest temperatures of any steam mop you can buy.  It also has four steam levels and steam jets that come out in two directions.  A carpet attachment and a longer than average power cord are also strong features of this steam mop. 


Haan Steam Mop - The FS20 of the Haan Steam Mop is a good one to consider.  It comes with a deluxe sanitizing tray.  You can use this attachment to sanitize carpet and many other surfaces.  Mattresses, drapes, rugs, and fabric furniture are just a few things you could use it on.  Reaches a hot temperature although the water tank is a little small.