The Right Steam Mop Will Efficiently Clean and Sanitize Your Bare Floor Surfaces

You probably have a dozen reasons for wanting the cleanest floor possible in your home.  If you have young children who play or crawl on them frequently or pets who are also on them a lot, you will want to make sure that they are as clean and free of germs as possible at all times.  Using a mop and bucket only does so much and once the water becomes soiled, it is less effective.  That's why you are likely searching for a better alternative.  If you want to make floor cleaning a more simple task in your home, you should consider adding a steam mop to your possessions.

There are many benefits to using a steam mop.  It goes beyond just making the task of mopping your floors easier and more efficient.  Steam mops tackle the dirt, germs, and other stuff lurking on your floors with nothing more than water and electricity to aid them.  The heat created by the steam is hot enough to kill many types of bacteria too.  And the specially designed mop pads work to make sure that floors dry in a quick and timely manner.

To be sure that you get a steam mop that will really sanitize your floors, you will need one that is hot enough to kill the germs and bacteria on them.  Here are a couple you might want to consider that meet that criteria:


Haan Slim and Light Steam Mop - It's slim mop head and thick mop pads make this mop an attractive choice.  A removable water tank and lightweight design are just a couple of it's nice features.  This is one of the highest rated steam mops out there right now.  If you have carpeting in your home as well, the carpet attachment will make this steam mop an even more valuable choice for you.


Eureka Enviro Steamer - Another top rated option.  The Eureka gets a lot of attention because it is so affordable.  It's 220 degree temperature packs enough punch to eliminate plenty of germs and bacteria from your home.  A few nice features it boasts include a swivel head, adjustable handle, and a large water tank.  One downside though is the location of the tank.  Eureka stuck it in the mop head which gives this mop a higher profile which is less ideal if you want to get under your home's furniture to mop.