Customer Questions: Should I buy a Steam Mop with a Carpet Attachment or a Carpet Cleaner to Clean Spots on My Carpets?

Good question! Although many report good results getting spots out of their carpets using their steam mop carpet attachments, if you have really tough spots it may require a carpet cleaner. If you don't want to invest in a carpet cleaner, many stores now rent them out for the day.

The main function of a steam mop with a carpet attachment is to help freshen up rugs and carpets and kill the dust mites that are living in them. However, many consumer reviews indicate that they do have some success getting stains out of carpets too. You could try treating the stain first with a carpet spot remover such as Folex Carpet Cleaner before steam mopping your carpet. Folex is amazing at getting out a wide variety of stains and is very inexpensive to keep around the house.


So Which Steam Mops Come With Carpet Attachments?

There are several steam mops that have carpet attachment accessories. The highest rated steam mop with a carpet attachment is the Haan Slim and Light Steam Mop.

The Haan Slim and Light is actually a very good steam mop overall.  It is one of my personal favorites.   It has a slim style that makes it easy to use and it is very lightweight and easy to push.  It's removable water tank is easy to fill and large enough that it doesn't require frequent refilling.  I can easily mop my whole house (600 sq feet of laminate and ceramic tile) on one fill up.  And I love the Haan Slim and Light's mop pads.  They are thick and they velcro on easily.  I've washed mine at least weekly for almost a year now and they are still holding up well.

If you are on a budget, the Dirt Devil Deluxe Steam Mop is the least expensive steam mop with a carpet attachment that you can purchase.  I don't personally own this one but from consumer reviews, it appears to be a pretty good steam mop.   It can heat up in about 30 seconds and has a triangle mop head.   Like most steam mops, it comes with two mop pads but the Dirt Devil also has a dusting pad in addition to the carpet glide attachment.  Although it is not as highly rated by customers as the Haan Slim and Light is, the Dirt Devil is about half the price!