Finding a Cheap Steam Mop - What are Your Options?


If you want to buy a steam mop with out a hefty price tag, there are several options out there for under $50. Currently has three steam mops that ship free and cost $50 or less. Let's take a closer look at these three cheap steam mop options.


Cheap Steam Mop Option #1


Dirt Devil Steam Mop - The Dirt Devil Deluxe Steam Mop has quite a few features for a low price steam mop. It has a triangle shaped mop head which is good at getting in corners. The mop head is also low profile making it easier to get under furniture.

The Dirt Devil Steam Mop comes with 2 micro fiber mop pads as well as a dusting pad. It also comes with a carpet glide attachment for santizing rugs and carpets. Also included are a fill cup and funnel.

The Dirt Devil has an 18 foot cord and water level indicator. It's water tank is easy to fill.

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Cheap Steam Mop Option #2


SteamFast Steam Mop - The Steamfast Steam Mop is another cheap steam mop option.  It has some nice little features like a telescopic handle and the ability to swivel.  It has a decent sized 19 foot power cord but at 8 ounces, it's water tank is very small and will require frequent refills.  The 1000 watts steam mop has a three minute heat up time. 

It comes with two micro fiber mop pads which conveniently velcro on to the mop head.  It also has a fill cup and a resting pad. 


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Cheap Steam Mop Option #3


Lysol Steam Mop - The Lysol Steam Mop is a pretty no frills model but has a few neat features. It's water tank is removable for easy filling. It also swivels which makes mopping easier. This steam mop does have a high profile mop head so getting under furniture and cabinets might be harder.

The water tank also has an additional chamber where you can add Lysol cleaner if you would like. The mop pads are a little on the thin side but then again, this is a budget friendly, no frills steam mop so you get what you pay for!



If you have a little more money to spend, the Eureka Enviro Steamer is much more highly rated than these three models and at about only $20 more is still a good bargain.





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