A Look at How the Right Steam Mop Can Save You Time

When you are searching for steam mops, you will find yourself faced with many features to choose from.  One thing that many consumers don't take into consideration when choosing the best steam mop for them is to consider how long that steam mop takes to heat up and how long the water tank is capable of producing steam before it needs to be refilled.  These things can save you time. 

While every steam mop will save you time over a mop and bucket method, these heat up times and tank sizes will influence how much time you save since if you have to refill frequently or wait a while for the mop to heat up to clean and sanitize your floors, you will lose some time.

So let's take a look at some of the popular steam mops that you might be considering for use in your home, office, or other establishment and how the tank sizes and heat up times of these mops compare.


Eureka Enviro Steamer

This Eureka Steam Mop comes equipped with a 20 ounce water tank, pretty large by steam mop standards.   It takes a few minutes to heat up.  However, once heated, you should be able to clean for nearly 20 minutes on that amount of water so for an average sized house, you might not even have to stop and refill.  The Eureka Enviro Steamer also has a 20 foot power cord and adjustable handle.  It can swivel and comes with a funnel and cup to make filling the tank as easy as possible.


Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop

Consumers love this tea green Bissell Steam Mop and you might too.  That's because it has a 30 second heat up time and a tank that can hold 17.5 ounces of water.  The mop also has a swivel head, 18 foot power cord, and an impressive 1500 watts of power.  It's cleaning path is a little on the small side though at 9 inches but that doesn't seem to lose it any fans.  It comes with two microfiber pads that attach to the unit by being tied on.


Dirt Devil Steam Mop

Dirt Devil doesn't give information on the tank size of their mop but they do say that it is 1500 watts and heats up in 30 seconds.  The Dirt Devil steam mop comes with a lot of extras and has a low price tag which makes it attractive to many consumers.  Some of it's included accessories include not only 2 mop pads, but a dusting pad and carpet attachment as well.  It's unique V shaped mop head also wins it some fans but with mixed reviews, you might want to read up on it more before settling on this steam mop.


Haan FS20 Steam Mop

The Haan is a great steam mop but this model does have a couple checks against it when it comes to saving time.  That's because it boasts a water tank that only holds about 12 ounces of water.  Add a 3 minute warm up time to that and if you have a lot of floor to cover, you might need a couple refills.  If you can get past that though, this really is a great little mop.  The Haan Steam Mop is lightweight and has very nice mop pads that do an excellent job of removing dirt and grime from your floors.   And if you get the optional sanitizing tray, you can sanitize a whole lot more than just your home's flooring.