Taking a Closer Look at the Bissell Steam Mop

Two things that are important to most consumers when choosing the best steam mop is that the mop should save them time when cleaning and also money in the long term.  Most steam mops can accomplish both of these things but a few models are just not reliable and can not be relied on to be around long term.  This is not the case with the Bissell Steam Mop.

Like all electric steam mops, the Bissell offers you an easier way to clean hard floors in your home with surfaces like laminate, tile, stone, and marble.  And it allows you to do this without the chemical cleaners you have likely relied on for years to help you accomplish it.

The Bissell Steam Mop is popular, easily having as much name recognition as the Shark Steam Mop.  It's popularity with consumers probably has a lot to do with it's moderate price tag, the many good reviews out there about this product, and the fact that Bissell has a strong reputation when it comes to making cleaning tools.

Bissell designed a steam mop that is very user friendly and even threw in a couple of unique features that will make your life a little easier.  


Bissell Mop Head Design

The mop head is one of the things about the Bissell Steam Mop that is designed to make your life easier.  Bissell made it to swivel 360 degrees so getting into any area will be easier than ever.  They also gave the mop head a low profile so it is easier to get it into low, tight places.


Quick Heat Up

One thing important to many consumers looking for a steam mop is that it has a quick heat up time.  No one really enjoys standing around waiting to start cleaning and some steam mops take several minutes to heat up.  The Bissell has a quick heat up time though, just about 30 seconds or so and you are ready to start mopping.


Bissell Mop Pads

Like many steam mops, the Bissell comes with mop pads made of microfiber.  These are good at absorbing the steam and dirt so that floors will dry almost immediately.  The Bissell Steam Mop comes with two mop pads which tie on to the mop head.  You can purchase additional mop pads but the two included will be enough for many people since they are machine washable and reusable again and again.  If you have a larger home, two additional mop pads may be handy to have since changing the mop pads frequently will result in less streaking problems and better results when steam mopping your floors.


Water Filter Feature

Unique to the Bissell Steam Mop is a water filter feature.  A filter is put in the water tank to filter out any minerals or dirt that might end up causing the water tank to become clogged.  This makes it possible to use the Bissell with tap water and not have to worry about the mineral build up that might occur.  Most steam mops benefit from using store bought distilled water but you can skip this with the Bissell's water filter feature.  On the downside, you will need to replace the filter occassionally at a cost of about $7 each time.


A Few Weaknesses

As with every steam mop you can buy, the Bissell Steam Mop has a few design weaknesses.  One is it's short power cord.  At just 17 feet long, it is hardly impressive.  It also lacks an adjustable handle which is a feature some people might find necessary for comfortable mopping. 

Finally, the Bissell Steam Mop has a trigger that must be pushed to emit the steam it produces.  Many steam mops will automatically release steam so this is an extra step that the Bissell requires of it's users.

Despite these weaknesses, the Bissell still has plenty of fans and it certainly is an option worth considering if it's features appeal to you.  You can't go wrong with the price tag!