Monster Steam Mop vs Shark Steam Mop

In this steam mop comparison, we take a look at the Monster Steam Mop and the Shark Steam Mop and how they measure up against one another. While the Shark sells less for the Monster, the Monster has more features.



The Shark is pretty standard, as far as features. It's you basic steam mop with not a lot of bells and whistles. The Monster however is loaded with extra features. One of the best is the carpet glide attachment it comes with. Use it to clean and sanitize your carpeting and other fabric surfaces in your home.

The Monster Steam Mop has more steam jets than the Shark. While the Shark has a single steam jet underneath the mop, the Monster has many and in addition to that it also has front steam jets. Front jets are unique to the Monster and helps multiply it's cleaning power since it helps clean along baseboards and in corners.

The Monster has four steam levels to choose from too.  This is also something that other steam mops don't do.  So as far as design goes, the Monster definitely has a leg up on the Shark Steam Mop.

The Monster gets hotter than the Shark, reaching a temp of 266 degrees F.  The Shark doesn't advertise how hot it gets although some consumers commented that they felt it didn't seem to be much hotter than tap water.   One reviewer said they used a thermometer to check the temp of their Shark's water and said it was 110 degrees.  To put it all in perspective for you, you need water to be 212 degrees F to sanitize your floors.


Water Tank

The Monster Steam Mop has a bigger water tank than the Shark Steam Mop. While the Monster has a water capacity of 17 ounces, the Shark can only hold 10 ounces.

The locations of the water tank are different on each mop too. The Monster's is located in the mop head, giving the mop a higher profile which is actually not as ideal for getting under cabinets and mopping under furniture. The Shark's water tank is located on the handle in the body of the mop, which gives it a low profile. So it gets the upper hand there.



Both steam mops got good marks from many consumers on their performance. It seems they do a good job of cleaning floors but there seems to be some question about how well the Shark actually sanitizes them.



You can purchase the Shark for about half of what the Monster costs, especially if you purchase them at Amazon, which has a discounted price and free shipping. However, keep in mind that the Monster has a lot more features than the Shark and the carpet attachment is a valuable addition that makes the mop more versatile.


Mop Pads

Both steam mops come with two mop pads.



The Shark's power cord is 20 feet long, the Monster's is 25 feet long.


Summing it Up: Monster Steam Mop vs Shark Steam Mop - Which is the Best Steam Mop?

While the Shark Steam Mop is cheaper than the Monster Steam Mop, it also has less features and is not as well designed. Customer reviews for the Monster Steam Mop were more favorable.