Finding the Best Steam Mop to Clean Floors and More

While many people are on the search for the best steam mop to clean their bare floors,  but some steam mops can also be used to sanitize other things in your home.  So if you are one of those people looking for a steam mop to accomplish more than just the typical floor cleaning activities most people use them for, here is a closer look at some of the things you can also do with a steam mop and which steam mops you might want to choose if you are looking for a multi-functional one.


More Than Just a Floor Steamer

Steam mops can be a lot more than just a floor steamer.  Sure, they do an excellent job of cleaning the dirt and sticky residue off of many different bare floor surfaces but many may not realize some of the other cleaning opportunities you can get from the right steam mop.  That's because a steam mop with a carpet attachment can be used to clean and sanitize carpets and rugs.  It can also be used on upholestry and drapes.  And some people enjoy using it to kill dust mites in mattresses and other bedding.  If you or someone in your household has dust mite allergies, a steam mop with the carpet attachment option can be extremely helpful for cutting down on these allergens.


A Look at Some Steam Mop Options with Carpet Attachments

Haan FS20 Steam Mop - One of the first to offer consumers this option was the Haan FS20.  This steam mop can be purchased for around $80.  Along with the carpet attachment, which they refer to as their Deluxe Sanitizing Tray, this steam mop also comes equipped with two thick microfiber pads, a filling cup, and a resting pad.  It is lightweight, at just over 3 lbs empty and about 4 lbs filled with water.  It also has an adjustable handle and a nice wide 11.5 inch cleaning path.  It's water tank is somewhat small at under 12 ounces.


Hoover Steam Mop - A newer steam mop option with the carpet attachment is this Hoover mop.    This mop costs about $40-50 more than the Haan FS20, but it also has a lot more features and some really unique design options.  First, is the triangle shape mop head it is designed with.  Easier to get in corners and other tight spots in your home such as behind the toilets.  The Hoover also has dual tanks.  One is just for water.  Fill it and steam floors as usual.  Another is for disinfecting solution if you want some extra punch when sanitizing your floors.  Finally, there is the Clean Control Dial which allows you to adjust the steam level to your floor type or cleaning needs.


Dirt Devil Steam Mop - An inexpensive option for a steam mop with carpet attachment accessory is the Dirt Devil Steam Mop.  This steam mop sells for around $50 but it comes with mixed reviews from consumers so be sure to check into it thoroughly before spending some money on it.  For the price, the mop does offer an impressive amount of good features.  This is another mop with a triangle shaped mop head.  It also comes with two mop pads and the carpet attachment.  On top of that, a dusting pad is also included which may come in handy for many.  And with 1500 watts, it heats up quickly.  Quicker than many mops, at just 30 seconds or so.