Discover Why Consumers Love the Haan Steam Mop

If you are one of the many consumers out there looking for the best option available when it comes to steam mops, you are not alone.  Many people search endlessly trying to decide which steam mop is worth their money.  One of the best steam mop options for your consideration is definitely the Haan Steam Mop.  Many consumers love the Haan and what it has to offer it's users.  Let's take a look at why it is a good choice.


Haan Steam Mop is One of the Best Sanitizing Steam Mops

First and most important, is the Haan's sanitizing abilities.  While most steam mops are capable of getting your floors clean, not all of them are capable of sanitizing them as well.  That's because a steam mop must produce heat at a certain temperature in order for it to be able to sanitize and kill germs and bacteria on your home's floors.  The Haan Steam Mop is one of the steam floor cleaners that can do this.   That gives it a major edge over some of it's popular competitors including the Shark Steam Mop.


Clean and Sanitize Other Surfaces Too

The Haan can be used for more than just cleaning and sanitizing your hard floor surfaces.  It can also be used on other surfaces.  Remove the handle and attach the optional short handle attachments to tackle the counters in your bathrooms or kitchen.  You can also try it in tubs and showers.  Get the Haan with Deluxe Sanitizing Tray and you can sanitize carpets, rugs, furniture, mattresses and more.  Eliminate germs and dust mites in a variety of places all over your home.


The Haan Steam Mop has Great Mop Pads

The mop pads on the Haan Steam Mop are some of the best out there.  They are thick and durable and velcro easily to the unit so changing them could not be simplier.   They are machine washable and will withstand hundreds of washes.  You get two but can purchase additional ones on sites like for an affordable price.  The thick microfiber pads are good at loosening and removing the dirt and sticky grime that ends up on your floor.


Other Features of the Haan Steam Mop

The Haan has an adjustable handle so you can adjust it to accommodate the height of the user.  It also features a water tank built into the base of the unit.  This does give the unit a bit of a high profile so it won't reach under furniture as easily as some mops.  The tank is also a little on the small side but you should get about 15 minutes of steam power out of it per refill.

All in all, the Haan Steam Mop has a lot going for it and it is a moderately priced option for the features that it offers it's users.