Choosing a Steam Mop with a Good Life Span

If you have read more than one page on this site or done any sort of steam mop research at this point, you know that not all steam mops are created equally.  So how do you make sure that you choose a steam mop with a good life span so you don't find yourself cheated out of your hard earned money in a few months with a broken steam mop all you have to show for it?   Here's a few tips to follow:

1. Read reviews and trust them - Read reviews on sites like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.   Don't go to the manufacturer's site to read reviews as I find them to biased toward the product.   You are more likely to find honest reviews on sites like Amazon since they don't have an invested interest in the product. 

While reading the reviews, look at the negative ones and see if you see a pattern.  Is there a chronic problem that consumers keep complaining about?  Are they complaining about a part breaking?  Are there a lot of reviews with people complaining that their mop is no longer working?